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Disal Indica – Employability Skills: Workplace Essentials – A2 and above

Research has shown us that many students entering employment do not have the essential ‘soft skills’ they need for success.​

  • 80% of employers believe that graduates lack ‘basic’ employability skills;
  • Soft skills communication, teamwork, problem solving, and flexibility are the skills employers have identified to be the most important for new graduates;
  • 85% of job success comes from having well developed soft skills.

The Employability Skills modules are designed to teach students essential soft skills in a way which is flexible, time conscious and relevant, using real life work scenarios. From social, emotional and leadership skills to decision-making, critical thinking and teamwork, it will prepare your students for career success, and beyond.

How our Employability Skills modules work

Flexible for you and your students

There are 8 digital units in each module, each taking approximately one hour to complete via Cambridge One. Laptop and mobile-friendly, the modules are designed to be accessible to a broad range of learners whether that be teacher-led classes, remote learners, or those studying independently. Our experts have created the modules so they can be taught on their own or alongside general and academic English courses.

Helping your students stand out

Our evidence-based, real-world content has been designed so students can practically apply the soft skills learnt, from applying for work, and going to interviews, to fulfilling their potential in their chosen careers. The modules cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Our end-of-unit certificates and digital badge of completion are a great way for students to enhance their résumé, CV, or LinkedIn profile.

Support for teachers

We equip you with teaching notes including worksheets, presentation of activities and classroom management strategies to help you feel confident from the start.

Time saving

Many of the activities are automarked and can be set in class or for students to carry out at home. You can easily monitor your students’ progress through Cambridge One.

Beyond that, Employability Skills modules are ideal to be integrated with our English courses, Evolve Digital, Interchange and Empower, equipping your students with all the essential skills for workplace and career success.

Unlock your students’ full potential with essential soft skills

Choose from two short online Employability Skills modules designed to develop soft skills, crucial for preparing students for the workplace and career success. Our experts have created these research-led modules with flexibility in mind so you can teach them on their own or alongside existing courses.

Find out which module will best prepare your students for the world of work.

Employability Skills: Workplace Essentials

Essential soft skills for success in the workplace

Workplace Essentials is a short eight-unit online module for adult and young adult learners preparing to enter employment. It focuses on the core soft skills, from the beginning of their journey, from applying for jobs, to skills required to succeed once in a role.

  • The module is based on extensive research and has been informed by our Employability Skills Framework for ELT. The skills learned are applicable to real-world work settings.
  • Learning includes the essential social, emotional and leadership skills, as well as resume writing, decision making, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Suitable for: Adults & Young Adults

CEFR Levels: A2 and above

English Type: American English

Total Length: 8 hours (all units)

Format: Digital

Authors/ Consultants

Craig Thaine, Jade Blue

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