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Disal IndicaInglês

Disal Indica – From Teacher To Trainer

From Teacher to Trainer helps new trainers and experienced teachers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to successfully train and develop language teachers, including teachers of English. It combines theory with practical guidance to explore a range of techniques and strategies that can be applied in any training context.

In From Teacher to Trainer, Matt Ellman and Peter Lucantoni point out that ‘It’s not uncommon for professionals in several fields to perform their roles in a variety of different contexts. For teachers this results in constantly having ‘to make choices as part of their work’ (ibid). Making these choices results in teachers frequently changing roles.

The book begins with an introduction to the theoretical background of teacher training and overview of key concepts. The authors then discuss the processes of training practice in more detail, with sections on planning and delivering training sessions, mentoring, observing, assessing and giving feedback to teachers, planning training programmes, and professional development for trainers.

Each chapter sets out the key principles alongside practical tools and examples that support trainers to apply what they’ve learned, including:

  • Tasks that encourage readers to reflect on experiences from their teaching career to inform their training, and activities to check their understanding of the new concepts and review progress. Sample responses are provided to help inspire trainers’ own reflections.
  • Case studies from experienced trainers from around the world, which demonstrate how the principles can be put into practice in a wide range of contexts.
  • Videos that demonstrate key concepts, including interviews with experienced trainers and examples of pre and post observation meetings.

Check a quick preview available on Cambridge website:

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